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With Female BodyShapers Personal Training, we help you along your journey to better health of mind and body. We know the importance of embracing physical activities that can make a big difference in your overall health and fitness. Our ultimate goal — always — is to help you help yourself by passing along knowledge, positive energy and the type of motivation one often needs to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

As Certified Instructors with years of training experience, we possess the foundation of skills necessary to teach safe and effective one-on-one or group training regardless of your current fitness level. We have learned through years of trial and error  how to train hard and train smart. Let us  help you cut to the chase and get the results you desire.

 Live Web Cam Personal Training
Each Group Training Class workout is a full-body, BodyShaping Class which always starts and ends training each body part in the exact same order, as in largest body part to the smallest. (Top of the hour legs, bottom-shoulders in the last 15 minutes abs.) This allows anyone who chimes in the opportunity to know where we are so that they may follow through into the next class  (provided there is an opening) to finish.  
Small Group Personal Training is Ridiculously Affordable!
Please call directly to get started today!

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